The free IP telephony software Skype has instant messaging feature, file transfers and video telephony in one package. The freeware is based on P2P technology Phone calls, chats and video conferences via the Internet - even with Facebook friends.

With the Skype download into the world of Internet telephony

Skype brings the all-inclusive package for online communications to the computer. Users can make calls not only on the Internet but also use all the standard features of a chat clients after the download of Skype. So Instant messaging is - that is the pure chat - still one of the most popular features of the communications giant. In addition, the software offers useful features such as Group chats, video telephony and conferences as well as data sharing or screen sharing. The beginnings of today probably the most popular Skype IP telephony program can be found in northern Europe. Originally, the VoIP software should the somewhat unwieldy name "Sky peer-to-peer" get. Later was the name "skyper" talking. That it now but Skype was owes the freeware to the fact that the Skyper domain was sold out. It's that simple "r" removed and reserved.

Skype replaces Windows Live Messenger

The first successes were not long in coming. After only six months, the Messenger over 3 million downloads. A year later, in late December 2004, the contractor reported a more than 10-fold increase - just under 50 million Skype downloads. No wonder then that ebay expressed interest in 2005 and the software finally acquired for more than 3 billion US dollars. Six years later, the company was already worth almost three times what attracted buyers such as Google and Facebook. Microsoft beat out competitors and paid in the most expensive acquisition in company history $ 8.5 billion for the acquisition. was expected in November 2012 Windows Live Messenger replaced by Skype.

Child's Skype download - Messenger & enjoy VoIP in one

Fortunately, the Messenger brings not only a variety valued functions, but dispensed with the installation annoying stumbling blocks. The freeware must be after the Skype download be configured not cumbersome and also works behind routers and firewalls.

Skype download

Especially practical: Users who already have a Facebook Account or an account with the predecessor, the Live Messenger own, can log in so easily. Moreover, the program also supports accounts from Hotmail or Anyone who wants to create yet a new account comes here on any major problems. The user is guided step by step through the creation of the account and the entire registry takes just a few moments. As usual, you will be asked for some personal information such as your e-mail address, etc. and then considering a Skype name and a strong password. For full use of telephony functions nor the appropriate equipment should be available at last now - talk microphone and camera. Fortunately, IP telephony software makes no theater here too, as they cope with any standard headset or microphone-speaker configuration. Meanwhile, external devices are usually no longer necessary, because modern notebooks come standard with built-in webcams and microphones.

Integration of contacts and functions from Facebook & Co.

After finishing Skype Download the user can look forward to a further advantage of the Messengers: The seamless integration of existing contacts. It should not matter if someone wants to import his Facebook contacts or contacts from Outlook - Skype pulls them over easily. For further managing contacts the freeware offers various functions. Contacts can be, inter alia, Sort different, hide when needed or organize in groups and lists. Those who pass a certain separation of the contacts, etc. can at any time leave the chat window, Charts in separate windows. So bringing chatting with many people at once messed anything.

Skype Download Facebook

Video calls and conference calls at no cost

For many Internet telephony is perhaps only an issue if you contact with a close friend or family member who, for example, planning a longer stay abroad intends to maintain. In these cases, the written communication is often not enough. hear the voice of the other and see it to, inter alia, to recognize his state of mind is worth in these moments gold. Another advantage of Internet telephony: None of the interlocutors plunges the bank. Friends and family can therefore as often and as long talk on the phone - no matter where the other infected. Phone calls between Hamburg and Shanghai or San Francisco and St. Petersburg are no longer a problem. Only hurdle when making calls around the world: One should take into account the time change. And so it works: After the free download of Skype, the program tests beforehand whether the technical requirements fit and whether speakers, microphone and webcam are present. Instead of a phone number the user simply enters his username on and already are telephony, chat, video calls and conference calls at no charge possible. Internet telephony is not only free and independent of location, it also impresses with a very high call quality and stable connection. Therefore, the caller enjoys enormous good sound quality and barely noticeable delays. Should show up but variations in sound quality, they can be possibly attributed to the characteristics of the hardware.

Security: Encryption of phone calls

Especially in the VoIP security and privacy is a sensitive issue, which is extremely important for the user. Therefore, the freeware for communication uses a conversation encryption, such as, but a variant of the STUN protocol. So that the discussions during the entire transmission is protected by an AES-256 encryption. Nevertheless, the Internet telephony can be no talk of a perfect privacy. For this reason, and in view of the question of whether cooperation with various authorities insist, Microsoft has already fallen in recent years repeatedly criticized. Whoever therefore wants to first gain an overview of other Messenger and VoIP freeware, finds a wide range of free communication programs with us.

Who wants to convert its entire landline telephone communication on the VoIP service, which receives special additional functions for a certain amount. The Skype download can be extended, for example with the addition "SkypeOut". This feature increases the ability to make calls on landlines and cell phones around the world. The user is then also able to send SMS. With "SkypeIn" however, is the user via Skype created a separate online phone number. This number is not localized, which guarantees the user unrestricted access - no matter where he happens to be. In addition, Microsoft has an integrated answering machine and provides a SMS forwarding is available. Whether these paid extras also expected at the end and the user can save money, everyone has to calculate for themselves again. In any case, it is a convenient option to be able to handle all communication channels via an application.

Skype Download Extras

Video conferencing with several people

But even without the use of these additional features, the feature set of IP telephony software has failed not too small. Among other things, users will benefit from an extremely entertaining features. Skype namely not only allows video chats with a person, but also Video telephony with several people. Friends who are scattered around the world can come together and talk to each other so. For this, the user simply pulls the desired contacts into a group and then start the group call. But not only for the private sector, this function is useful. The group video chat may in particular be extremely helpful in a professional context. Conferences with worldwide business partners are therefore possible as well as location-independent seminars or study groups. In this way, can to ten people connect and share information directly. In this regard, a further advantage of the free downloads of Skype comes in. For example, the software allows Screen sharing. The own desktop can therefore be shared with all interlocutors. That should make it easier to illustrate and explain certain facts or presenting projects enormous. Particularly pleasing: In the past, the group video chats were an additional charge reserved for premium users. Since April 2014, these function but is free to access for all.

Send files by quickly and easily

The exchange of data is basically not a new invention works when Messenger but smoothly and above all extremely fast. So if you want times nimble send a document, image or music file friends, has prepared the necessary tools for the free download of Skype. It also provides the all-rounder for a short time users the opportunity to also to send video messages. That is, anyone can record a video on Skype, for example, a greeting for birthday or holiday greeting, and send it immediately. The good thing is the addressee does not have to necessarily be online to receive the message as well.

Skype Messenger popular thanks to ease of use and cool smileys

In recent years the Messenger has continually expanded its range of features and evolved towards a comprehensive online communications package. Despite many new functions related to Internet telephony and video conferencing, the Download Skype still carried out mainly because of its messenger function. The advantages you do not have to look far: the surface is extremely pleasing and clear compared to competitors. For less experienced users of Messenger is a good communication tool. The clear structure, the structure of the window, self-explanatory icons and functions and not least the German language ensure reduce tension in newcomers. Whether to call or chat - the ways of unknown function are found short and fast. For example, can the online status in the usual style of alternating Messenger with one click, or send an instant message. Also the opening of group chat or send files could not be easier.

astound chat partner with hidden smileys

Certainly the good operation and the immense range of functions - in addition to the free incentive - important arguments for the Skype download. Here, one must only one not forget the huge fun factor. Certainly chat is a pleasure in itself, not without reason, the Messenger offering is more confusing than a jungle. But Skype does solely because of its extensive and witty palette of smileys fun. VoIP and Messenger client has 72 emoticons that can be added with a click in instant messages on board. But that's not enough. Anyone wanting to experience his friends Chat times speechless, may participate in the variety hidden emoticons serve. Although the smileys carry a "secret", but can be easily realized. In principle characters and words are simply placed in a bracket - done. (Pool party), (rock) or (headbang): Especially popular following secret codes. For animal lovers there are the cute emoticons (toivo) (cat) (dog) and (sheep). Just try and dazzle friends.

delete chat logs to protect from prying eyes

Skype saves in the default setting, all chats in conjunction with the individual contacts as conversations. With just one click you can then view the past three months. But if you do not want to permanently save messages to protect the privacy of their own, this may as well. The Chat logs can be deleted if desired, by completely shuts off the menu Tools / Options / Privacy storing or decides that the talks are backed up only for a certain period.

Skype Download chat logs

Mobile version of Skype and Win 8 app

For users of Windows 8 Microsoft offers the alternative of adapted to the Metro-surface version. For those who prefer this new design, Skype Windows can use 8 app. For users who constantly switch devices and therefore must be very flexible, there is a portable version of Skype to disposal. This does not require installation and can also be run from a USB flash drive to skype from any Internet PC.

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