BMW M3 Challenge

In BMW M3 Challenge is all about the same vehicle the Bavarian automaker. In the designed as a pure-bred racing simulation freeware players compete either on to race against the computer or the time. Multiplayer racers test their skills against other human players. BMW M3 Challenge are fans of the German luxury brand numerous configuration options for trips to the slopes. In free practice, the player first gets acquainted with the PS Renner and the Nurburgring. Then are time trials or race weekends against the computer. Full racing fun comes to the well-integrated online multiplayer mode. Here join BMW M3 Challenge up to 15 players simultaneously against each other. Modern 3D graphics, an adjustable in increments vehicle physics and crystal clear sound effects and background music make you want to extra rounds. The free BMW M3 Challenge reaches deep into the simulation box and flavoring the race simulation with a brisk multiplayer. The result: a sophisticated car simulation, which is in between offers for entertaining action racing.