Can Movie4k be legal? - here is solved!

Can Movie4k be legal? – here is solved!

It is one of the most popular websites in Germany. But what is actually about the legal situation? is Movie4k legal? And above all, it is liable to prosecution as a member? Here Gibt’s answers!

Streaming portals currently are in high demand. Many users get on sites like the latest blockbusters or stream all seasons of their favorite shows. Hardly anyone makes think about how these portals ever get to the offer. You should also wonder how it is with its own security, even if you do not makes downloading.

Movie4k legal

Is Movie4k legal or illegal?

For this question, one must not talk long about the bush or sugarcoat anything: Movie4k is NOT legally! Operators shall there content ready to be distributed without permission of the author. Although the video content are not on the provider’s servers and are therefore not directly offered by the portal, but the procedure of Movie4k is no less a criminal offense. On the platform, please refer to movies and series via the link collection – and already the free dissemination of protected material is also not allowed. Some similar portals have already been set and have received heavy fines.

, users make use of punishable?

On the user’s side of the case is a little different. The question of whether Movie4k is legal, was easy to answer, on the consumer side, the situation is somewhat more complicated. As the user moves, even if Movie4k is against the law in a legal gray zone. This is because streaming.

Law is opaque

If this were to downloads, the legal situation was clear: The user would be liable to prosecution. But since one does not save the film in streaming permanently, everything is more complicated. Most legal representatives are of the opinion that the “mere” streaming or reputation was not illegal.
Here, lawyers rely on the Copyright Act §44a, exactly described in the. It is said that the volatile storage that also take place only for technical reasons, are not illegal.

Movie4k legal §44a

However, there are counter-voices that claim that the clause basically does not describe the streaming, since there was no court decision to date. In order to prosecute a user also, one must find out the IP address.

You can use Movie4k hesitation?

Would Movie4k legal, we would answer “yes” to this question: After all, the offer is unbeatable and film and serial junkies come here of their costs. Since the but is not so, we can not recommend the portal. Not only that copyright is violated and consumers swim in a gray area – the portal also carries risks. Thus, the user can also quickly capture Trojans and other threats over the streams.
We therefore recommend that you use one of the many legal alternatives. Also among them there are free offers.