Card Recovery

Of the Card Recovery Download provides long-lost digital images on external memory cards restores. Here, for the data recovery, it does not matter whether these were only damaged or fell erasing victim.

Card Recovery Download with step-by-step wizard

The latter includes not only those photos that were removed from the Recycle Bin as well as those that were deposited on an accidentally formatted memory card. Thanks to a step-by-step wizard, the handling of the Card Recovery becomes quite easy despite its English-language interface. Conveniently, Card Recovery not only limited to rescues in the image area, but also takes care of video and sound files.

Card Recovery Download

Data with a preview of Results

In addition, the Savior shows in Datennot before restoring a preview data found, which helps unneeded or irretrievably destroyed files from the Recovery Action exclude.

Limitations of Card Recovery

The trial shows rescue compatible files only, but does not restore.