MODupRemover 20.03

MODupRemover scours Outlook for duplicates. In the filters of Shareware not only duplicate emails, but also contacts and calendar entries caught. So they identify with little time and effort, for example, clicking twice accidentally registered appointments, tasks or notes the user. It makes sense MODupRemover not delete corresponding data simple, but leaves the choice of obsolete entries to the user. In addition, MODupRemover is also suitable for Outlook installations where more than one profile is stored. Actual: Users of iPhone and Co. engage with the helper to their data in iCloud and to synchronize them. However, the mobile phone function of the sniffer dog not limited to Apple devices, but is also suitable for other smartphones. Note: MODupRemover is available as MODupRemover 1:43 to download. This version is no longer being developed, however, by the manufacturer.

Limitations of MODupRemover 20.03

The trial version will list duplicates only, to delete a registration is required.