Of the Sandboxie download establishes a secure playground for experimenting with new applications under Windows. In the free software is called a sandbox - a walled off from the operating system working environment.

Sandboxie Download: Program start in a secure environment

Sandboxie executes programs in a restricted environment, the write access and changes in derogation of the operating system. Similar to the known virtual machines, VirtualBox, VMware or Virtual PC, the virtual environment in Sandboxie is largely decoupled from the rest of running Windows applications. Nevertheless, almost all applications can be installed within this playground and safely try out without fear of negative effects on the proven installation. The advantage of Sandboxie for users: viruses, spyware, malicious code and other malware do not reach the actual operating system. All taking place in the mini-environment demands that require access to Windows are intercepted by a kind of firewall.

Sandboxie brings its own Start Menu for applications such as Internet Explorer or mail programs and executes them as isolated processes. Any other application can be installed in the freeware and start. but costs thereof cookies, temporary files, registry entries and other data tracks do not reach the hard drive. If the test environment completed, no remains of the programs used remain on the actual system. Although Sandboxie does not provide 100 percent insular work environment compared to full blown virtual machines, but the freeware shows in terms of resource consumption and considerably more frugal. As a playground for testing programs, without having to worry about changes to the registry and other settings, the free helper makes all good services. The cautious user can then try quite unconcerned unknown applications, without having to fear that unwanted traces remain.

Limitations of Sandboxie

Sandboxie can be used free of charge for private use for an unlimited period. After 30 days, but now and then a message appears that asks for a registration. The registry is a option that allows the development of the software would be supported, it is for home users but not mandatory.

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Sandboxie Download Editor's Rating