Pictures alert! How can you edit the WhatsApp status?

Pictures alert! How can you edit the WhatsApp status?

Since then, WhatsApp has radically changed his status function is to create such become far more colorful – and mainly offers countless possibilities. As you the Edit WhatsApp Status can we show you in this tutorial. Everything else you need is WhatsApp for Android or WhatsApp for iPhone. Both versions you get with us.

Edit WhatsApp StatusEdit your WhatsApp status you can now very creative way. (Image: Screenshot WhatsApp / Editorial)

Edit the WhatsApp status with creativity

Who wants to keep his status up-to-date, has to deal regularly with it now: For since photos have replaced the text-only status to delete this fact automatically after 24 hours.

If you want to see the status messages of your contacts, you can this is no longer on the list, but on the special status tab in the top bar. There, using all current status messages are displayed. Tap on this and they are played. There you can then also below respond to a status.

A status can you adjust and edit – and delete it, and the 24 hours before. How to do this, you can learn in the next section:

Set Edit WhatsApp StatusSet a status you can on the status screen. (Image: Screenshot WhatsApp / Editorial)

The status message: A Guide

To create a state, you need not only a creative idea that you set in words, but a picture or a short video. Both you can directly create about the Messenger and so edit your WhatsApp Status:

  1. Opens WhatsApp and selects either the camera icon or the status tab.
  2. Selects your directly into the camera, you can take a photo through simple, quick tap. If your longer presses the camera button, you take a short video of a few seconds. but you can also use an existing image that you can select from the bottom bar of the photo screen.
  3. Does your way on the status screen, you see the entry “My Status”. Typed on them and you also get to the camera screen, if you still have no status. Have you already created one, you can add “+” another on the round icon with the.
  4. Have you taken a picture or video, you can do it now with stickers and writing decorate or paint it. In addition, a subtitle can insert and you can save the status.

If you want to delete a status of 24 hours before expiration, you must tap the three dots horizontally arranged next to your status in the status screen. Here your current entries are listed. Your typing long a, this entry turns gray and you can delete him up by tapping the trash can. Do you want the same delete multiple messages, these taps on. A step-by-step instructions, this article shows: Delete WhatsApp Status: Find it after the update

Edit WhatsApp status optionsdo you have some possibilities: photos, videos or gifs. And after 24 hours the status clears automatically canceled. (Image: Screenshot WhatsApp / Editorial)

And data protection?

Your status is visible only to your the stored in the phonebook contacts. So does anyone have your number, your not its number, one can not see even your status.

In addition, you can adjust who can see your status messages:

  • All contacts
  • All contacts except …
  • Only selected contacts.

By default, all your contacts can see the status. Change you can do it as follows:

  1. Opens WhatsApp and selects the status screen.
  2. the menu typed above (the three vertically arranged points above right) and opens the status of data protection.
    If you have already sent a status and then change the privacy settings, but does not affect already sent messages, but only on all of the following.

Note: As long as your message confirmation – that the blue check mark – have turned on, the way you can see who has looked at your status. Have you turned off this feature, you do not see that – but then also your contacts can not see that you have tapped their status.

Additional tip: mute notifications of certain contacts

You are a little annoyed because certain people just constantly edit your WhatsApp status and update and always appear at the top of the list? Then you can also mute the updates to these contacts:

  1. Opens WhatsApp and taps you through the status screen.
  2. Examined the annoying contact typed it and hold down.

As of now the status messages of this contact are muted. To unmute again, you just type again long for the contact.
So there are different ways to edit the WhatsApp status and change the settings – and other gimmicks such as filters and the like are sure to come in the future. We will keep you up to date. If by then you want to know about the new WhatsApp status more, we have a product for you.