Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite optimizes disk performance, partitioned, converted backups created on the fly, encrypts data migrated Windows on SSD drives and brings a boot manager with. Wow ... The all-rounder Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite goes with current standards such as USB 3.0, AFD and modern SSD Drives. The manager increased and decreased partitions or brings them together - without data loss. Actual: Even converting the old file table MFT in the modern version GPT (GUID) is on the agenda. The suite partitions optimized by the simple defragmentation to access optimized storing the data. This provides the result for more steam under the hood. Also in terms of data security is the shareware aside. The integrated backup backs up data on demand on the fly and play them when needed again. For this, a comfortable solution for selecting the data to be restored and folders is available - including Boot CD if Windows does not want to start. In the opposite case, when important data after deletion will not be restored, the data shredder comes on the scene. Confidential data reliably and permanently deleted here. Also on the move to a new hard drive has been thought. For this brings HDM convenient copy function that facilitates the exchange of disks. All data is easily cloned to the new hard drive and thereby set up so that Windows still starts despite the change in hardware - even on solid state drives. And if there's a need for more than one operating system, a wizard helps setup and launch. Which is also available Hard Disk Manager Professional extends the functionality also with support for virtual drives in virtualized environments. Anything your heart desires: The Hard Disk Manager Suite supports installation to maintenance to backup or file is deleted, the hard disk. The result is a neat, well-structured disk with fast access to all data including backup. Recommended.

Limitations of Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite

30 day trial some functions only in virtual mode. contain no rescue CD.