TruPax brings a data encryption with the known from TrueCrypt high standard to the PC. Manufacturers have put in freeware but great value on simple handling. Often the data security fails at home on the complicated handling of the software. Trupax placed here clearly with German and accessible surface. The encryption, however, based on the popular TrueCrypt and is therefore unlikely leave questions unanswered. The software itself generates customized encrypted container - saving space. The original data is removed also set to automatically after encryption. Relatively simple to use, but with good encryption: TruPax secure folders and files with a password and remains free. Important NOTE: The installation of the Java Runtime Environment is required for the execution. Most users have installed a 32-bit browser and, accordingly, Java 32-bit. In this case, the download of 32-bit Trupax the right thing. Only users of a 64-bittigen browser also need the 64-bit version.