Of the HDfilme.tv download popular with the film friends and Serienjunkies despite an illegal streaming offering, numerous pop-ups and annoying advertising great popularity as the latest blockbusters and new series will be offered for free.

Unfortunately, the HDfilme.tv download is not legal!

Are the streams on HDfilme.tv legal or illegal? This wonder many visitors to the streaming provider for movies and series, which already provides many new blockbuster for the release for free. was often so from a legal gray area talking when the film data is cached on the PC at a stream. For a long time there were also among lawyers fierce debate over whether a Caching of can be seen as illegal copy for the purposes of copyright.

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The new ECJ ruling strengthens the rights of license holders

With the judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in April 2017, the rights of authors and license holders are much more protected now - but unfortunately at the expense of visitors HDfilme.tv or similar portals. The judgment states that users of streaming services like HDfilme.tv are quite committed to closely examine before watching a stream, whether it is a protected content. In other words: Who looks at an illegal stream, makes itself punishable by copyright generally.

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Not expected to require larger warning wave at HDfilme.tv

Free streaming provider, Burning Series, Tata.to and Kinox.to to SerienStream.to, Movie4k.to and HDfilme.tv that it's not the movies move clearly in the illegal sector, even though they usually profess host itself, but only act as a film search engine and refer to external providers in hosting. This should also be known to Serienjunkies and film friends so that they can still rely on its own ignorance in court at the latest after the ECJ ruling hardly now.

After all, no more warning wave in services such as HDfilme.tv expected since no compulsory registration is done, the IP addresses of the users are not stored by the provider and most servers known to be abroad. Nevertheless, film fans should give up the HDfilme.tv download and use only legal streaming portals and Internet TV downloads.

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Good overview of new films, series and Trailer

Who can not be put off by all that takes place on HDfilme.tv a good overview of new films, series and trailers. With a click on one of the titles movie fans a brief description including the IMDB rating and an assessment of the visitors to the streaming page On request the user can add individual movies to Favorites.