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Google Maps

Of the Google Maps Download brings the world tour and geographical maps in the browser. The 2,014 newly redesigned online service from Google merges numerous services around the themes of navigation, industry leaders and 3D maps into a powerful Web App.

Google Maps Download: find addresses and obtain travel information

Google Maps provides detailed maps for almost all countries in the world. If a location that repeatedly exists in the world, the search automatically displays the alternatives found and enables a mouse click. In addition to the simple road map, the Web offers offers different map views for various applications. So users can, for example, via Google Earth, which is integrated as a plug-in, zoom in on satellite images. Assuming a Google account, you store your own favorite places easily and calls to taste again for viewing on. Cards larded Google Maps in addition with numerous interesting information and value-added services, such as an industry leader for finding hotels, restaurants, et cetera. The linked with mapping service Street View provides high-resolution photo views of many streets and houses large cities, so you can via Street View virtual wander the streets or watch 3D views of architectural monuments. Occasionally adds Google added specials, such as the virtual journey through Venice or the very comprehensive photo tour of the temples in Angkor, Cambodia.

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Google Maps Download

Free route planner with good features

In addition to exploring the world with the virtual web atlas Google Maps provides a comfortable route planner. Supports traveling through any number of intermediate objectives so that about a complete itinerary can be set. Optionally, a click, or on setting the route options, the route planner Google Maps calculates alternative routes on request. The parameters here are, for example, avoiding toll roads for saving travel costs, or highways, if you want more leisurely travel and is on a sightseeing tour of. In addition, G Maps indicates the estimated fuel costs for each route. The planning of the tolls and fuel costs, however, is made more convenient and comprehensive with other free route planners from the freeware catalog. however, are virtually the information about the current or general traffic situation of certain road sections, which are available on request for the planned route or in the card closeup.

Plan Google Maps Download routes

Route planner and public transport

Since the 2014er update the route planner Google Maps can also a whole lot more than just the route planning for cars. So stand on the icons at the top left above the dates and public transportation to select. Here G Maps offers the next upcoming trip across the More options and times for a alternative departure times and, second, the restriction of the travel agent on bus, metro, tram and train and the route options Best route Fewer transfers or less walking. When to making while driving and where to go in between, is conveniently displayed in the travel details. About an extra switch the route planner Google Maps offers also flight routes. For this, the web app uses the Google flight search and displays departure and arrival and the lowest price found automatically. Details are available by calling the Google Flights per click on. Small drawback when flights search: Here is the entry of intermediate destinations not possible, but only the start and finish.

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Hiking and biking: Card for pedestrians and cyclists

Also walking routes created Google Maps.Das works just like any other route planning by setting start, finish and the desired stops. However, one should take a close look at the individual stations before the start of the march, occasionally stretches by pointing not for pedestrians are suitable provided here is create manual handling asked or you just reacts accordingly locally. however, is especially chic on a bicycle route planner, the graphical display of altitude during the course of the road. In addition, the route planning displays for bicycles on request bike paths in the road map.

Other functions of the navigation Web App

In addition to the many sightseeing and scheduling options Google Maps, however, has more to offer. To set user on request personalized cards and bind them into your own website. This is particularly useful for example for traders or operators who provide such directions cards. Home users, however, share practical Shortlinks routes with friends. Who the route planner Google Maps often used practical aid is for a Google login one hand in the positioning that the current location can be automatically used as a starting point for the next planning and also in the functions My Places and History. Here the spots recently searched are listed and also often used places to re-enter stored.

Google Maps: Routes and much more

Too bad is the lack of motorcycle route planner, this one for example, picks back to the also free web app Moto planner. Otherwise, the free route planner shows completely competent. By the way, sometimes lure funny jokes, most recently as the Pokemon search.

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