Music to iPhone without iTunes: So it'll work!

Music to iPhone without iTunes: So it’ll work!

Who Music to iPhone without iTunes wants to load, can use several good alternatives. We show the best free programs to transfer to iPhone without iTunes music. More below!

Music to iPhone without iTunes: Comfortable exchange between Apple devices and PC

The Apple iTunes Music Central is not very popular with many users. Luckily, there are free tools that replace the most used functions. Many music lovers are mainly looking for a small, simple tool to bring their music quickly and easily from PC to iPhone or vice versa. Here the iDevice Manager is suitable, for example, download, formerly known as iPhone Explorer.

Music to iPhone without iTunesMusic to iPhone without iTunes: There are some good alternatives to transfer music.

On fairly straightforward, the freeware multimedia files of all types shipped without the help of iTunes on Apple mobile devices, music, photos and movies to WhatsApp messages. The user exchanges with the freeware files comfortably between the Apple devices and their Windows PC.

iDevice Manager as an iTunes alternative for users of iPhone, iPod and iPad

Who seeks the integrated file manager, has a brisk access to the file structure of the iPhone and can synchronize videos, music and photos to the PC. The user interface has proven to be quite user-friendly, so that hardly a users iTunes will miss. Transfer music to iPhone without iTunes works, of course, also with an iPad or an iPod.

The universal search music lover Browsed his favorite pieces on iPhone, iPad or iPod and can play them on your PC and download it. Who misses songs in the iTunes library, this can add to the iDevice Manager to iTunes.

Music to iPhone without iTunes iDevice ManagerThe iDevice Manager displays folder structures on Apple devices like the Windows Explorer.

exchange music files with friends

With the iDevice Manager iPhones, iPads or iPods can be used as a mobile hard disk. Thus, any files and programs can be transported from one computer to another, which is known to be not quite so simple with iTunes. The freeware provides excellent opportunities ready to share music files and other data with friends. To do this, simply copy the desired data drag&Drop into the module disk from the iDevice Manager and back to the PC.

Comfortable transfer music to iPhone

Another way to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes is the CopyTrans Manager. The free iTunes alternative allows you to add, delete and edit music, videos, audiobooks, and playlists to iPhone, iPad and iPod. Since it is a portable tool that you can use the software via USB flash drive or other external storage medium.

Music to iPhone without iTunes with CopyTrans Manager

Simply drag&Drop simply produced the desired music files from the hard disk into the user interface of the freeware and saved the newly added music. The CopyTrans Manager iTunes does not come here in the way, so that a parallel use of the two music manager is possible.