Ping-pong turns the PC into a simulator for table tennis. The freeware from the software company MyPlayCity simulates the recreational sports in 3D graphics and five game modes. The free ping pong also offers challenging games Two against two next singles matches against the computer. In the training modes to learn the tricks of the table tennis first before it goes into the career and championship mode hard to the point. The player must compete against a total of 12 computer opponents at ping-pong. The difficulty of the opponent at ping pong ranges from novice to professional. In multiplayer mode up to four human players can compete against each other. Unlockable extras such as mini-games round out the free table tennis simulation. Ping Pong provides a successful digital version of the popular sport of table tennis. Who does not have enough space for a home table tennis table, may place his ball skills in the freeware to the test.