NoScript for Chrome

NoScript for Chrome

Security Technically, there is also the Google browser default settings that involve risks. These include, for example, JavaScript, Java applets, Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight. With the free add-on NoScript Chrome can you protect yourself as much as possible from it.

NoScript Chrome disables dynamic Web content

Who wants to surf safer, the software can be downloaded in our download area. The NoScript Chrome download is done free of charge and in a few seconds. After installation, scripting languages ​​such as Java, JavaScript, Flash and Silverlight animations and other dynamic Web content are disabled by default. However, it is worth it in some cases to delve a little deeper into the settings options, as there are scripts on websites every now and then that are necessary to make full use of the respective sides. This is the case with many online banking sites.

NoScript Chrome

Create positive list of trusted sites

The operation of NoScript Chrome is by default practically alone out of hand. All one needs to do: download the add-on with a few mouse clicks and activate. Only if you want to define exceptions – for example for online banking from a home computer – it is necessary to incorporate those exceptions in a so-called positive list. The numbers on the list sites will henceforth no longer blocked.

NoScript whitelist Chrome

Script Blocker also available for other browsers

The NoScript program is available not only for Google Chrome. The original version was written by the developer Giorgio Maone for Mozialla Firefox. but the extension can also be integrated in the Mozilla Suite, SeaMonkey and Flock. The software is virtually transferred to the navigation bar at the installation as a symbol and blocked from there the potential security risks. In addition, the add-on is well maintained by the community and the developers. Through regular updates vulnerabilities within the shortest time will be closed.

NoScript Chrome Eintellungen

The ideal add-on for security-conscious Chrome users Behind the facade of colorful flashing animations cyber criminals can wreak all sorts of damage. Who wants to exclude it from the outset, is well served with NoScript Chrome. The add-on is quick to install and easy to use, similar to other free security tools available for download. SZuverlässig it blocks all scripts and active web content that pose a security risk, such as JavaScript or Adobe Flash by default. But even users who are to do their banking from home with a few steps at the destination and can enter into a whitelist trusted sites in no time. Even simpler, but it would be if you could take the page that you have just visited, with a mouse click in the positive list by default.