SoundCloud Downloader for Firefox

SoundCloud Downloader for Firefox

The SoundCloud Downloader Firefox Enhancements invites songs downloaded from the music platform in MP3 format. Users can store their favorite songs on the computer and listen offline.

Thanks to SoundCloud Downloader Firefox add-on store MP3s from the portal

Musicians can upload their songs on the audio platform SoundCloud and share with millions of listeners. Those who wish to listen to the music, can specifically search for songs or artists, or listen to the most listened to audio tracks. The service is also suitable for music management: With its own account can be favorite songs highlight, compile playlists and track the activities of artists. The connection to Facebook and Google+ facilitate the registration without tedious entry of all personal information.

Who sets music to the portal, reaches users not only directly located on the side. The player of the streaming service can be embedded in a few steps into other websites. In addition, the close link with the social network Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Foursquare for wide dissemination of music provides.

SoundCloud Downloader Firefox

But what to do when you find a song and want to hear them offline? The usual and official way leads either via the existing sporadically Buy link at the soundtrack or a lengthy research on the distribution of music by the artist. Who wants to have the MP3 file of the song immediately and free of charge, may use a download tool. So that users pick individual songs and entire playlists of streaming portal on the computer.

Download program integrates into browsers

The SoundCloud Downloader Firefox extension integrates itself into the browser and allows music download with a single click. Unlike a large number of upload and download programs to the small software has focused solely on the song download from Soundcloud portal on the Mozilla Firefox browser. The add-on does not require administrator rights to install and otherwise also no further demands on the computer.

If you have added the extension in the browser, an additional download icon appears next to all titles and playlists in SoundCloud. As you drag individual songs from the song title is used by default as the file name, but the Downloader is possible to rename in storage. When downloading albums is prompted for the destination folder and the names of audio files are maintained. The stored music files are provided with no ID3 tags and an album or artist are not automatically assigned.

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