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book2 German - Turkish taught students about listening to audiobooks quite comfortable the Turkish language. The audio course includes a total of 100 MP3 files that support the Turkish students targeted especially when learning everyday use phrases.

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Turkish is the mother tongue of about 58 million people in Turkey and more than two million people in Germany. The Turkish language is the official language in Turkey and next to the Greek in the Republic of Cyprus. As a local official language Turkish is also spoken in Macedonia, Romania and Kosovo. Those who travel to Turkey on holiday, should at least master the key phrases and phrases. This gives the language course quite well because he not only aimed at advanced Turkish students but also to the classic beginner in the language.

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Correct pronunciation by Turkish native

In the first chapters of book2 German - Turkish downloads is all about people, family and getting to know and the most important related phrases. Even numbers, times, weekdays and months are soon on the curriculum of the audio language course. It continues with activities, colors, fruit and food, seasons and weather. For each section 18 sets or phrases can be heard, the first in German and then once each spoken by a male and a female voice in Turkish become. As this concerns Turkish native speakers, the quality of the pre-read sentences is quite high.

Useful phrases for everyday situations

Some chapters of the course devoted specifically to the small talk and present the phrases most commonly used in getting to know. Especially on holiday, the phrases afford known to be particularly valuable services. Other lessons relate to everyday situations, such as in a hotel, restaurant, shopping or the doctor.

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Daily Audio Chapter book2 German - learn Turkish

The individual audio chapters of book2 German - Turkish Downloads have a Length of about three to six minutes. This workloads are recommended by the manufacturer as a daily ration. This totally sufficient, since even practicing the already completed lessons on the program. Additional programs for learning foreign languages ​​can be found in the rest of also in our software offering. Language course for the next holiday in Turkey Of the book2 German - Turkish Download is provided by the Goethe Verlag for free use. The publisher calls the understanding between people of different countries and cultures as a target and therefore allows free distribution and dissemination of audio course. Especially for the Preparation of the next Turkey holidays offer audio books valuable help in communicating in everyday situations.

Limitations of book2 German - Turkish

Free for private use and for public schools.