VLC 360 Download

You see them more and more: 360 degree videos do not just Facebook one, but enjoy in other media increasingly popular. The popular all-rounder player VLC has acted as the first, bringing the VLC 360 Download a first version of a great player on the PC to be able to play such videos reasonable.

Panoramic view with the VLC 360 Download

The VLC player is considered the Swiss army knife of video players, but he plays pretty much all formats from which there was. So it was only a matter of time before the format also has arrived, which is currently strongly on the rise in video technology: The 360-degree video. Because respective cameras like the Samsung Gear 360 or Alcatel 360 Camera there is finally already.

In collaboration with Giroptic VLC VideoLAN developers has now made a preliminary version of the player features to try out for download online. In the future, the function should then be integrated into the upcoming version 3.0 of VLC Media Player Download. no plugins are then required to do so. Version 3.0 of the popular video-playing program is currently available only in the Nightly version. This is a kind of beta version, which may still be restrictions and crashes. but the new version will be fully available soon. Until then, you can try the feature as I said with the test program.

VLC 360 DownloadWhat looks strange at first glance, is the right of art: 360 degree videos are more and more into focus. (Image: Screenshot VLC)

Control by videos and photos with the mouse or keyboard

Not only videos, even 360-degree photos can display 360 Download the VLC. Mouse and keyboard you can look in the video or in the photo. Three test files have been published, so users can test the new feature about the download: a spectacular flight of an eagle, a surfer-Video and a mountain panorama. In addition to the virtual camera which can be rotated with the mouse, you can also zoom in and use the so-called Little Planet view.

VLC 360 download Surfing VideoEspecially for action shots, this perspective is. (Image: Screenshot VLC)

When version 3.0 of the complete player is available, it will also continue to work to make VR headsets compatible with the software. In addition, Android and iOS apps to follow with Daydream support. In addition, 3D sound is planned.

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