Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga connects the cuddle factor of animals with the playfulness of Bejeweled. In a colorful fairy tale full of animals, it is important challenging color puzzle to solve and to free lovable pets. The only requirements for the online game: A browser and a login on the manufacturer’s site or via Facbook.

Pet Rescue Saga Download not required

Not only the popular candy puzzle Candy Crush Saga comes from the pen of the games maker Also this animal game counterpart belongs to the portfolio of the manufacturer. The background story of the free puzzle game is quickly told: In a magical fairy tale lovable animals are trapped in a maze of colorful squares. In order to free the animals, you have similar Bejeweled groups squares of the same color sweep the screen with a mouse click.

Pet Rescue Saga Download

What makes the use of the game very simple: A real Pet Rescue Saga Download including local installation is required. All that is needed for the free game fun, is a registry on or Login with Facebook. The game itself so it runs completely in the browser when an active Internet connection. The advantage to the player is obvious. Without Pet Rescue Saga download access to the free puzzle game is therefore not tied to a specific device such as a computer, smartphone or tablet. Instead, you can enjoy the puzzle game from any device with an Internet connection online.

Varied levels to save many species

In the animal online game wait total ten different species their liberation by the player. Whether rabbits, puppies, birds, cats or piglets – for each animal lover is a fitting genre it. But not only for animal diversity, but also for long-lasting variety is guaranteed: More than 300 levels with unique puzzles waiting to be solved. In addition, the difficulty of logic puzzles will belong to the number of completed levels. If you like this kind of increasing challenge can test their puzzle skills with other free puzzle games.

Tools help in the animal liberation

Only if the animals such as puppies, rabbits and piglets have solid ground under their feet again, they are safe. When open spaces of the playing surface to help all sorts Extras such as missiles, bombs or hammer. But fear not, there is no shortage of the game therefore challenges. Thanks to many other game elements such as diamonds, locks and keys, as well as animal cages, the resolution of the color puzzle is accordingly still tricky. Spectacular boosters and bonuses spice up the game flow addition. In addition, gamers can post messages to their friends via comment function after each geschafftem puzzle.

save animals in competition with friends

To fuel the ambition of each player a little more, compares the results with the round Game High Scores friend of Facebook contacts. Anyone who wants can also play against a friend in the animal liberation to a duel. The fact that all game results are managed on Facebook, to make records easily compared.

Pet Rescue Saga Download Facebook

The viral nature of the game is sponsored by the so-called invitation function: fans of the animal saga make their Facebook contacts on the game attention by sending them a few clicks invitations to play. Puzzle fun when and where you want The animal puzzle game impresses with challenging puzzles and cutesy graphics. Since no actual Pet Rescue Saga download is necessary, the game can be played anytime, anywhere. In addition, the successful integration into Facebook generates an additional competitive character who persuaded a time to time to a small section.