WhatsApp monitor with the secret Stalker function

WhatsApp monitor with the secret Stalker function

monitor WhatsApp and learn to the minute, when a message has been read. With this trick all the information of the chat can be called up and controlled. learn all here!

After WhatsApp Download for Android or iOS you have the communication channel par excellence in his hand. But sometimes leaves the long-awaited answer in coming …

monitor with this function WhatsApp

Following the introduction of the blue checkmark WhatsApp excitement among users was great. With the update everyone could recognize whether the sent message has been read or not immediately. But what few people know: Each message is stored with lots of information. Thus, WhatsApp can be monitored, precisely to the minute. These need only be tapped and hold the message. The menu bar will appear next to the star to mark the message as favorite, the Recycle Bin for deletion and the symbol for dividing the message I on Android devices or the Info button on the iPhone. By clicking on it, a new window, where both the delivery time is indicated and the time at which the message was read opens. The function also works in group chats.

monitor WhatsAppWhatsApp monitor: Here’s How!

Relationship killer WhatsApp?

Whether this information contributes to personal peace of mind is another matter. When someone was last seen or a message read, is about as relevant as the proverbial falling over yellow bike in China for an interpersonal relationship in. Who is addicted to obsession and will monitor its contacts via WhatsApp, this urge should urgently put a stop to. That’s the way very simple: by themselves disabled its online Temple or its Read function. Only those who share his personal information with other contacts, also has access to their information.

Blue hide WhatsApp check mark and reading time

Those who want to escape control by others or themselves do not want to mutate into a stalker, may limit the information on their own WhatsApp usage. To do this click in the settings on the menu item account and after the option data protection. Here you can set who can see personal information such as the time stamp, profile picture or status. In addition, the read receipt can be deactivated here. For the first three pieces of information, there are three choices: Everyone, My contacts or None.

WhatsApp monitor - conceal informationHide Personal Information

however, the read receipt can only be enabled or disabled globally. Removed at this option, the check mark appears after sending a message, either a clock (if the message to WhatsApp is transmitted), a check (if the message has been received by WhatsApp) or two (if delivers the message to the device of the contact has been). The check marks remain gray even if the contact has read the message. Conversely, the transmitter of messages is only informed whether the message has arrived on the smartphone, but not whether it has been read. The setting way, does not apply to group chat, as there is always a read receipt is sent.