Einstein puzzle

Of the Einstein puzzle Download includes the most famous logic puzzles in the world. It is awarded to the world-famous physicist Albert Einstein. In fact, the origin of the mystery is not clear. However, the brilliant scientist reportedly said only two percent of the world population able to solve this puzzle. Who wants to face the challenge is both the mystery and a dissolution aid in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or as a PDF.

test your intelligence with the Einstein riddle Download

If you want to know if you are among the two percent of the world population who can solve the puzzle, you should take some time. Here is the riddle:

Five houses stand side by side. In them, people live of five different nationalities who drink five different beverages, five different brands of cigarettes smoking and have five different pets.

  1. The Brit lives in the red house.
  2. The Swede keeps a dog.
  3. The Dane likes to drink tea.
  4. The green house is (directly) to the left of the white house.
  5. The owner of the green house drinks coffee.
  6. The person who smokes Pall Mall has a bird.
  7. The man in the middle house drinks milk.
  8. The inhabitants of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.
  9. The Norwegian lives in the first house.
  10. The Marlboro smoker lives next to the person with the cat.
  11. The man with the horse lives next to the person who smokes Dunhill.
  12. The Winfield smoker likes to drink beer.
  13. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.
  14. The German smokes Prince.
  15. The Marlboro smoker has a neighbor who drinks water.

The question is: Who owns the fish?

crack the mystery with our solution helps

Also, if the puzzle can be safely released from more than two percent of humanity, in the head this probably actually create only a few. Therefore, there is the Einstein riddle download two solution aids at hand that can be provided with the right combinations. On the one hand, the solution entering true and false statements can be dissolved in an Excel spreadsheet.

Einstein puzzle Download

Alternatively, there is a PDF with two tables for download, for proceeding from color, nationality, drink, cigarettes and pet places where the correct values ​​can be entered.

Einstein puzzle Download PDF