Free Windows 7 Book from Microsoft

Free Windows 7 Book from Microsoft

In time for the launch of Windows 7 gives Microsoft another goodie. the eBook "Windows 7 – At a glance" explained in detail how to deal with Windows 7 and doing typical tasks. For a limited time, there is the work free now.

Windows 7 Book from Microsoft

Well, that’s something! Windows is not only faster, nice and light – Microsoft explains on top of that the correct use of the latest pupil. windows-7-ebookThe eBook published in-house Microsoft Press Publisher explained on 350 pages colorful and easy to understand principles and the completion of important work and constantly used functions.

Windows 7 Book – topics

In detail, this means:

  • optimally set up Windows 7

  • Improve security

  • printer & network setup

  • programs & Mini-applications

  • e-mails, Web & Events

  • Photos, music, videos & Games under control

  • burn CDs and DVDs

download now for free – Windows 7 book

windows-7-buch_probekapitel_shotThe free action of Microsoft runs until 31.10.2009. Who by then is willing to leave an email address at Microsoft, the 29 MB hard drive can already read a few minutes later. You can find the link, as always at the bottom of the download box. The new Windows 7, you can get by the way already – even before the launch! For more information on the Buy Box.