With a few tricks you can in addition to the 2 GB more Dropbox storage free receive. Find out now how it works!

Dropbox is a handy file hosting service that allows users to store files in a virtual folder. The files can be shared with other users and you can access from any computer with an Internet connection or any smartphone with internet connection. Here you can download Dropbox for free.

As often be split large files, can be reached so quickly reach the limits of free memory 2GB. Fortunately, there are some ways to expand on Dropbox free memory.

expand Dropbox storage free

Drop box provides each user from the beginning 2 GB of storage space to store any types of files in a virtual folder system. If you want to share many large files such as videos, .wav files or tons of pictures, often of insufficient memory. The following steps will be explained how to add extra memory for free.

Requirements for more space

To use Dropbox, requiring only an Internet connection. It is also recommended in addition to the online account to install the desktop application. For this purpose, the following system requirements are necessary:

  • At least 512 MB RAM
  • At least as much space on the computer is to be punished as on Dropbox
  • Windows 2000 or later
  • Mac: OS X Tiger (10.4) or later
  • Ubuntu 7.10+ and Fedora Core 9+

Dropbox storage free

The following options are available to expand the memory step by step

  1. performing "first steps"After creating the Dropbox account, you can click through a small tour that includes the installation of the desktop application and brings additional 250 MB of disk space.

  2. The installation of apps: "mailbox" and "Carousel" for IOS or Android 4 GB gives additional space by means.

  3. HTC and Samsung mobile phone owners can use on a Samsung Phone additional 23 GB and 48 GB for 2 years through the use of HTC Sense or the Dropbox app.

  4. To invite friends. For each user who registers on recommendation, Dropbox, there are 500 MB of additional memory. In total, 18 GB of additional memory can be earned. So the Dropbox can be extended to almost any free memory as needed.