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The free Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Advanced creates backups on Windows. The modern copied Backup Freeware not just individual files or folders, but also ensures complete partitions or disks including Windows &# 45; even during operation. Secured either completely or differential, in a folder, a recovery partition or an image file for VMWare or MS Virtual PC.

Data backup with the Paragon Backup & Recovery 2014 Download

The Backup Freeware presented competently during installation. Of the Paragon backup & Recovery download Although with the 400 MB quite a Klotz has it but the versions for 32- and 64-bit Windows on board and also brings the necessary for the operation of Visual C ++ Runtime 10.0 the same time. For users of Windows 2000 also has the option for additional installation of hotcore driver is available. Which is needed to secure Windows is running. Who can do without These kinds of goodies, here is another free backup software downloads with fewer features, but also smaller file size. After completing the setup, there are two different applications Paragon provides the Start menu. In addition to the data backup freeware even the Recovery Media Builder attracted to Create bootable USB sticks or pieces of silver. Optional rescue disks are created based on Windows PE or Linux (oer in versions for EFI BIOS). Create it comes to backup different variants ready on the very modern held Start Center in Metro look. Optional created Paragon backup & Recovery Free data backup in a folder on a separate partition, or as an image to include in a virtualization software.

Paragon Backup & amp; Recovery download

Most commonly used option is probably to create a "traditional backup" be. For this, start the extended surface of Backup & Recovery. The essential contains more buttons than the software functions. This is because the same surface is used, as in the paid Pro version of the backup Paragon & Recovery download and of course also serves for advertising purposes a bit.

Paragon Backup & amp; Recovery Download Advanced Interface

We simply ignore any grayed out buttons and choose to create a backup secure the partition or disk button. This opens the step-by-step wizard, which steers even beginners competent by the creation of the backup. First, the data to be saved are selected which are either complete disks or individual partitions contained that are stored, including the boot information in the backup. Get supported Backups of all common file system formats such as FAT, NTFS, HPFS, HFS + and all EXT variants. To set advanced options, you activate the checkbox backup settings at the bottom. Here are actions such as compression and partitioning the backed up files into multiple files and blocking out certain file types by filter ready. Predefined are here as filters for common types of e-containers and executable files that can activate simply collected with a click. But even with their own filters to exclude certain file types from, for example, to save space, or because you save the data of the mail program separately. can save space and the option to exclude already secured archive data from the current backup, so files from previous backups will not be saved again. In addition, the accent here to request a password for the restoration, and sets the PC after work to sleep automatically.

Paragon Backup & amp; Recovery Download Backup Settings

Step 2 sets the objective of ensuring that, local storage devices, external drives, network drives or disks from CD to DVD and Blu-ray to be. Is here enough space available, it can either go directly, or the execution of the backup is scheduled in the backup scheduler. All activities created by Assistant Paragon Backup & Recovery 2014 Free are first inserted into a job list. To run it all collected, another click Run top left is necessary.

Create differential backup

After the first full backup was created, further changes on a drive can just about differential backup get saved. In this way, sets backup & Recovery in 2014 just the changed files again as an extension to an existing backup from. For this purpose there is a separate Differential backup button that opens its own wizard. There, the backup to be updated is selected, the further steps are based largely on the creation of a normal backup copy as described above.

Paragon Backup & amp; Recovery Download diferentielle backup

Individual files secure with backup&Recovery;

The copying individual files is a bit hidden from the File menu under the menu item File Transfer Wizard. The copied either single files from A to B, which can be planned job as a timed backup. Or - and this is a very delicate matter - files are copied to and from a previously created archive drive. In this way, targeted and easily can retrieved files from backups, or new ones are added.

Create Image: fuse in the virtual container

In addition to conventional data backup Paragon Backup dominated & Recovery Free Advanced also the creation of image files that can be integrated PC including in the virtualization software VMWare and Microsoft Virtual. The image creation is based largely on the above-described application of a backup, but the creation of images for VMWare or Windows Virtual PC makes for system partitions sense. This will ensure the two virtualizer can run a simulated system, data partitions stored in this format is correspondingly little sense. A little different is when creating Paragon Virtual Hard Drives in PVHD format. PVHD promises a very high flexibility and fast execution in data exchange and synchronization. In addition, the amount of data when storing backups in virtual containers Paragon is significantly reduced.

Creating a Recovery Partition

Another fine option is to create backup containers. Here Paragon Backup sets & Recovery Free a separate partition on the hard disk that contains the backup. By boat manager then restore the backup data can be launched if necessary. That did not help, although in case of hardware failure of the hard drive, but is in to a Windows error a useful and fairly stress-free affair. Also at Create a recovery partition of course, a wizard.

Paragon Backup & amp; Recovery Download Recovery partition

Really comprehensive data protection with flexible options for nothing The days when a backup freeware has shifted only files from A to B, are quite clear with the data safely from the house of Paragon over. The handling is kept relatively treatable despite the large function offer, which is, of course, not least at the beginner-friendly step-by-step wizard. But in any action questions should ever arise, incidentally, is already very detailed German-language PDF manual aside, the backup & Recovery download included. In addition, quite a lot are nice hard drive partitioning capabilities & Co. on board. All in all there is to the software actually only the comparatively huge program download to complain about. Editor's rating: Not mandatory download.

Limitations of Paragon Backup & Recovery Free

Free use for private use.