Ghostwriter manages any texts, expressions and text passages. The freeware adds even a created text modules in Windows applications.

The Ghost Writer downloads save unnecessary typing

Ghost Writer takes the user unnecessary typing and sets a speech phrases, greetings, bank details and email addresses with a mouse click or a specific key combination at the desired location. The freeware is also very good for filling in Web forms. Ghostwriter transmitted not only simple text, but also accepts the important for navigation control keys Tab and Enter. Using the TAB key you can jump to the next and finally proceed with the enter these inputs from an input field.

Ghostwriter Download

Useful the placeholders for dynamic text modules. Ghost Writer, the placeholders are available to use, for example, the current time and date, external files or running numbers. The creation of text modules with ghostwriter saves a lot of typing. Text blocks as addresses, phone numbers, quotes and phrases can be conveniently stored and transmitted to any destination. Numerous other text module Tools includes our software catalog for free download.