Of the Ride download the heart will be beating of motorcycle friends later. The biker simulation offers 100 licensed original bikes enough to choose the most beautiful street motorcycles of the most popular manufacturers and many hot races.

Ride Download: Racing around motorcycles

All the big names are represented, among other equipment, the manufacturer Ducati, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM, Agusta, Aprilia, Triumph, Honda, Suzuki, Energica, EWC and Lightning. Various individualization options for bikes and riders and exciting race tracks at 15 locations around the world to choose from. Friends of motorcycle simulations can look forward to entertaining full speed competitions.

Ride download

City courses, rural routes and historic race courses

Sufficient variety is guaranteed, both in the bike and with the track layout. There are street circuits, rural routes and historic race courses available that you can ski by Superbike, Supersport, naked bike and historic motorcycles. Who likes tunes his vehicle uses various motorcycle adjustments and -aufrüstungen. The benefits are not all about the look. Some of the adjustments also optimize the performance of the beloved bikes.

Ride Download Manufacturer

Single player mode with a world tour events

Several game modes are included in the motorcycle simulation. First, there is the single player mode a world tour event in which the biker has the task to get to the top of the world rankings and to compete in various disciplines such as single, acceleration and endurance races. Also possible are quick races with individual selection of route and motorcycle and a time trial.

compete in pairs via split screen

Especially a lot of fun preparing the split-screen multiplayer mode for two and the online mode for races with up to 12 human drivers. A rewind function is available as well as the option of slipstream driving.

Ride Download street racing

Playable demo of Ride on Steam available

On Steam a trial version of the racing game is available in which the Quick Race game mode is available and the player can swish on a race track at the Sierra Nevada with three different motorcycles. In the demo, the bikes can already tune and customize.

Digital Deluxe Edition with access to four DLC

The Ride download will be Xbox One and 360 available from 03/27/2015 for Windows PC, Playstation 3 and 4 as well. Motorcycle enthusiasts can thereby acquire a Digital Deluxe Edition, which additionally includes a Season Pass with access to four DLC, a making-of booklet and the official soundtrack. Numerous other racing games for free download are included in our extensive game catalog.