WhatsApp Plus update in a few steps

Update WhatsApp Plus is a little more complicated than with other smartphone apps. Find out now how to do it and enjoy new extras!

Who wants to use the latest version of the tuned Messengers, must regularly update WhatsApp Plus. Anders leaves as the name suggests, these are not a program extension by the manufacturer of the popular communication service. By the unsettled legal status of WhatsApp is not offered Download Plus from the Google Play Store - but with us! - and falls out of the update function of the application platform.

How can WhatsApp Plus upgrade?

In most applications, the Google Play Store app monitors the updates and the Update to the latest version in one click. Even more: The independent manufacturer supplies No separate update packages out. Thus, the update of WhatsApp Plus is not automatic with every version update, but must be installed manually by the user. To use the latest themes and Co., to reinstall the application is necessary.

Update WhatsApp Plus

Requirements for updating WhatsApp Plus

In order to update the Messenger service, the following requirements must be met. Since this is the application is an Android app, users need to install and update a functional unit with the appropriate operating system. In addition, a stable Internet connection or a PC with Internet access and the appropriate mobile phone interface is either required. If these conditions are met, can be updated WhatsApp Plus.

Guide WhatsApp Plus Update

As mentioned above, any updates will be delivered by the developer of the messenger, bringing the versions already installed to date. Those who want to enjoy all new themes and functions must first uninstall the old version and then install the new version. How to do this without losing data, is explained here.

  1. Step: First you should Create a backup of all chat histories. While the Messenger regularly saves all the activities, but the current integrity is guaranteed only with self-created backup files.
  2. Step: After WhatsApp Plus must in application Manager be uninstalled.
  3. Step: Now the new current version of the messenger is loaded onto the smartphone. This works either via a direct WhatsApp Plus download or APK file is copied from the PC to the SD card of the phone.
  4. Step: Next, the application with the new version number will be installed as usual. After that, the chat history from the backup are restored. Now WhatsApp is updated Plus and can be used with all new features.