Whoever asks himself: How does Snapchat actually - get a clear view here. We show how to use the app and what you should consider. Join Now for Snapchat professional!

Snapchat is on everyone's lips. About 700 million Snaps are sent daily - Instagram has thus been suspended. While the app is one among teens already part of everyday life, it simply calls only question mark with some other. But the home screen, the app is revealed one after downloading the Snapchat, confused and frightened many off.

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How does Snapchat? - App Guide

In the instant messaging service to communicate over photos running. The highlight: Snaps sent destruct after 24 hours self But how does Snapchat accurate.?

So you start in Snapchat

When you open the app for the first time, the sight is a bit confusing. The camera of the phone is activated immediately so you can get started with the snaps in theory immediately. On the screen, different symbols are listed - here their meaning:

  • Top left: Lightning can turn off and on
  • top centerThe specter leading to their own profile. There you can see his score, which indicates how many snaps you get and shipped.
  • Top rightOption for change to front camera
  • Bottom rightHere you get to the Snapchat Stories. That is, to the videos of people to whom you follow.
  • bottom centerThis is the record button for Snaps. Recording a video starts when you hold down long him.
  • Bottom left: Behind the Inbox hides. There are all private chat with some friends.

How does Snapchat Profile

The private Snapchat Profile

When asked how does Snapchat, its profile is not insignificant. clicking on start screen on the little ghost, you end up in the profile. The score in the middle under its own name indicates the "quality", ie sent and received snaps. What the symbols mean on this page, we explain here:

  • Question mark: Underlying this is the explanation of how to become linked with his friends on Snapchat. In sum, if we meet, we scanned the great ghost.
  • gear: There, settings can be adapted to specify the phone number, mail address confirm etc. You can also decide who can see the snaps - just friends or all followers. TIP: The user should be under more options click Manage, and then activate the filter. Who has not enabled Repeat can view pictures and videos only once.
  • "Who added me" indicates new followers. Click on + you can also add them.
  • "Add friends"Here are displayed all friends of the address book that also use Snapchat. But you can also search for specific username and add them.

Those who want to return to the home page of the profile, pushes the ghost with his finger up.

How to make a snap

It's a start, now we come to the real question: How does Snapchat - in other words, how do you Snaps? By clicking on the round icon at the center bottom of the home screen, a photo is shot. Who wants to make a video, you must tap on it longer. The launch takes a little while, but then runs for as long as you hold it down. When you release the button, the video goes through in a loop, the user now receives a number of options:

  • Not successful images are deleted on the X on the top left
  • The timer on the bottom left corner is determined how long the friends can see the image.

photo editing

Clicking anywhere allows you to add text and emoji. DAST is used for formatting (1 click: left / 2 clicks: centered). With the pen you can walk around to paint the picture, colors are therefor also available. With a mop to right filter can be activated as temperature display or show the location. Relatively new is the note icon with which any Smiley can stick to the snap. The size can be adjusted by dragging it with your fingers.

How does Snapchat photo editingPHOTO: Screenshot by Kelly MissesVlog video / YouTube

If the processing done, you now have several options for sharing the snaps:

  • Down arrow: video is saved in the gallery on the device
  • Box and Plus: The Video / Photo will be divided in your own Snapchat Story. The snap will be visible for 24 hours and can be accessed again and again (in normal Snaps this is not so). The Snap-destructs a day later.
  • Right arrow: The snap is sent. If one still chooses the people from whom you want to send the snap, then click again on the arrow and it is sent. Following it is again possible to store the video / image in the Snapchat Story.

see snaps of friends

How does Snapchat, if you want to see the snaps of friends? In the Inbox you can find all the news of friends. The purple icon is, one has a new video of someone; Blue stands for text message and red frame. The chat is opened with the speech bubble in the top right corner. Within the chat there is a yellow button that can send photos.

How does Snapchat inboxPHOTO: Screenshot by Kelly MissesVlog video / YouTube

Snapchat Stories

This can be realized if one wipes the main menu to the right. Who wants to see all the stories of a friend pushes hold his round profile. Then the videos and pictures are available for 24 hours.