Visual Time Analyzer

Visual Time Analyzer combines the automated computer logging monitoring software with the visual evaluation of modern time and attendance software. The shareware automatically records all PC activities, so you can learn what programs were how long, used when and by whom. Here Visual TimeAnalyzer guarantees the security of data (passwords, confidential documents), because keyboard input are not recorded. Projects, working hours, breaks, costs, software and internet use are charged to the minute for each user, graphically illustrated and analyzed in informative charts. Parents have control over the PC use of their children, as all activity can be logged on a computer. Visual Time Analyzer answers the following questions: How long are working on average at the computer? How effective is the work? What projects have taken more time? How much time do you invest in certain activities? The network which are evaluated the most frequently used programs, web pages and the most active users. The Visual Time Analyzer provides automatic and graphical project and working-acquisition for the PC with interesting analysis options.

Limitations of Visual Time Analyzer

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