Sims 4 animals found! And where you can track it! 2023

Sims 4 animals found! And where you can track it!

Still leaves an Expansion Pack for Sims 4 animals coming. Who wants to please his Sim with an animal friend, is now pets. know, where to get them!

With the Sims 4 download, players can immerse themselves in a perfect virtual world. Only pets are missing in the otherwise highly detailed world of Electronic Arts. Was there for the previous versions of the popular game animal extensions that kept horses, cats, dogs, birds, lizards, rodents and snakes Sims happy, is for the current version, such a pack only in the planning stage.

For already in Sims 4 animals

However, there are four animals without packing in the Sims – but only for decorative purposes and for collections. Accordingly, they can be placed only in the inventory or in the house. And these animals are available:

1. frogs

Frogs can be collected in tree trunks, ponds or wells. Especially rare specimens are occasionally hidden on land. If you have caught two frogs can breed even discover new species on the option frogs. A total of 25 different forms there is in the game that often occur more or less. In addition, the amphibians can use 4 animals as bait for the next type of Sims:

Sims 4 animalsThe only Sims 4 animals that can be grown, are frogs.

2. fish

Optically varied the fish, most of them (22 in total) are integrated in the base game. Only the American perch, the walleye, the lionfish, and red and blue crayfish are found in outdoor life extension. In general, not even a bait is really necessary for fishing. The exceptions are:

  • Atlantic wolffish: Frogs
  • Catfish: fruits like apples
  • Piranha / Angelfish: medium to large fish like perch or tree fish
  • Red-tailed black shark: small fish such as tetras or minnow
  Sims 4 animali trovati! E dove potete seguirlo!

Sims 4 Animals FishFish are among the most biologically diverse animals of the Sims.

3. insects

To find insects and collect is – as with the five rare fish species – expanding outdoor living needs. Here, a total of 21 species to be discovered at different times of the day or night.

Sims 4 InsectsInsects are found only in the outdoor extension.

4. No animal, but an alien

A total of five aliens hidden in the base game, each as living or preserved variant. To discover them, you must first build a rocket and a Sim
be brought to Astronatuenkarierenlevel ten – or 5000 Simoleons be invested. Once lifted can be with a little luck, the following aliens – dead or alive – import to earth:

  • All-sting Schwien
  • Pinker choice
  • red coral
  • blue snail
  • All-squid

Sims 4 animals AlienSource:

More than decoration: The Animal extension comes with a high probability

Even if players have been waiting for some time to a pack animal playmates, it is sure to come. So far, all three previous versions of the game have received such an extension. And sure EA will splash out in the fourth part of the virtual world and make the long-awaited four-legged friends as gameplay Pack. reveals more of this clip: