Through a AVS Cover Editor Download the user fetches a graphics studio on the computer, which helps the user in producing covers, labels and inserts for CDs and DVDs. Here, the tool is easy to use and comes with many templates to the PC.

The AVS Cover Editor for a pretty presentation of the pieces of silver

Who does not know that; since it has played a shekel, photos, music or movies, but the shell is totally meaningless and at first glance the users do not even recognize what is on the blank. Because now creates an AVS Cover Editor help because he exactly when the user Creation of labels and covers engages under the arms.

AVS Cover Editor Download

AVS Cover Editor with templates and room for creativity

the CD& DVD cover tool provides total per 22 templates for the discs, the advantages and the back of free choice. In addition, however, the user can create own hand and create your own creations. Also, a picture can be imported and graphics are provided with passages. It is a template for each type of packaging the pieces of silver, so that users will not have any more excuses why they could not embellish their blanks. Besides the AVS Cover Editor, there are other CD & DVD cover tools free to download.

The handling of the practical CD& DVD cover Tools

The layout of this freeware is simple and straightforward and has an easy to understand menu at the top of the program interface. The individual features familiar Microsoft user already on the Ribbon interface, many Windows programs. With simple clicks, the user selects the templates, providing them with text or load your own picture from your hard drive high. Of course, the cover-creations can be printed at the end. The following video shows once again the basic steps of operation of the graphics program:

This makes it very easy to use and even inexperienced computer users coming along very well with this tool. The label maker for all occasions Whether a movie, music or the images of the last vacation or the last birthday party were burned to the shekel - with the AVS Cover Editor users embellished the shell so that it can be seen at first glance, what it with you this blank concerns. This not only looks pretty, but on top of that very practical. it is also a very beautiful and unique gift for friends, family or acquaintances.