Can the user after a Search WhatsApp group, in which he is not a member? And there is a WhatsApp search to browse after downloading WhatsApp directly for specific group name or content in the chat histories? We will answer all questions on this below. Learn More Now on "Search WhatsApp"!

You can search a WhatsApp group and to participate in public chat groups?

WhatsApp groups are becoming increasingly popular. Many WhatsApp users miss this public chat groups and want a WhatsApp search function to find groups on specific topics, their own areas of interest or hobbies. To find a specific WhatsApp group and then make a request to become a member of the respective group chat and to participate there in the discussion. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to search directly for WhatsApp groups and to find them.

Search WhatsApp groupCan you seek after a certain WhatsApp group and be a member there?

Public groups exist only in the WhatsApp beta versions

Instead of such a global search function, unfortunately, to ask one of the group administrators to be accepted as a member of only the option remains. One can assume that this will change in the future as in the WhatsApp betas public groups can be created already. It is then also possible to join, without the need to make an annoying request to an admin. As long as this feature is not yet included in the standard version of WhatsApp, it remains the case that the user must dispense with such groups WhatsApp search.

WhatsApp search function for all chats

After all, the option available to look in their own WhatsApp groups for a specific group name or specific content that has been replaced. This WhatsApp search is limited of course to those groups where one is himself a member. Under WhatsApp for Android the user opens the search with the magnifying glass icon in the top bar. Here he gives the desired phrase or group name and immediately receive a list in which groups and chats that appears. The search therefore extends not only to groups but also includes all other WhatsApp chats.

search with the WhatsApp search for words or phrases within the chat history

The user can search through the WhatsApp making it an excellent option at hand to each message and words within their own chat history to search. All search results are thereby issued with the corresponding date. By clicking on the respective search results, the user ends up directly to the appropriate location in the chat history. The search word is highlighted in yellow.