Mobile Partner Software & drivers for HUAWEI

Mobile Partner Software & drivers for HUAWEI

Who mobile dials into the Internet with a stick, requires a corresponding software. The managed one hand and the dial to select the right access points (APN) and brings the other hand, other functions, such as statistics on the link. Of the HUAWEI Software Download is the appropriate Connection Manager include numerous O2 and FONIC Surfsticks and in addition to the aforementioned features on top of that a phone book and a comfortable message center in the style of a mail program on board. In addition, a profile management for mobile Internet and Wi-Fi lures.

Huawei Software Download and installation of profiles

The free download of telecommunications software for mobile Internet does not require great expertise in setting up. A small hurdle is selecting the right mobile partner download, since some versions are specially adapted to certain models. The advantage of the customized variants that they are available in German language and already know the required connection details. Who get along with the entry of the dial-up data itself, is a free software download for all HUAWEI sticks in the English Mobile Partner, after installing a compatible stick one in version 23 plugs in, it is automatically detected and displayed in the program.

The connection data is now carrying under Settings -> Options -> Profile management. This also shows the same one of the strengths of Surfstick program: About the profile manager you put on request multiple profiles and can thus manage Internet connections with several SIM cards. This is handy, for example, for travelers who use the Surfstick in different countries. After assigning a profile name, for example, Internet Germany, the APN and username and password can now be entered. The data you get, at best, by the provider can be but usually including search engines do pretty quickly identified.

Huawei Software DownloadHuawei Software Download: driver for FONIC Surfsticks & Co. (Picture: editorial)

Other functions of the Surf Stick software

Is the establishment of the Mobile Partner completed download, the connection to the Internet via the switch Connect is built. Signal strength and type of connection, so as 3G or GPRS, the software will keep track of the top. In addition, the HUAWEI software by clicking on Statistics provides a graphical representation of the current amount of data as well as detailed statistics split into upload / download, and daily, weekly and monthly consumption.

Huawei Software Download StatisticsGraphical representation of the current data traffic as well as detailed statistics (Image: editorial)

However, the Connection Manager not only manages Surf connections via GPRS, UMTS, HSPA and LTE, but also sees itself with WLANs. About prioritizing the preferred network creates stuck here, unfortunately, can not however, specify that a mobile dial-up is to take place in the absence of Wi-Fi Connection. This is a shame, but it would be a really useful feature for those browsing using Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G. To send short messages, you type as used by the mail program in the Text Manager and can send directly to the computer as SMS.

Sent and received messages are stored either on the PC or the SIM card, the same applies to contacts that can also be managed directly in the program. When it comes to safety manage user all the necessary settings directly in the program: As can be activated and also changing the Surfstick PIN is used as possible from the cell phone to query the PIN (de-). Who has too often enter the wrong PIN, also find here the opportunity to unlock the SIM card using PUK.

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