Data protection Login Forgotten data? Here’s help!

Of the Data protection Login provides the My Data protection fast and secure access to personal customer area. We show how simyo customers to sign up quickly and easily, even after the takeover by Telefónica Germany and what to do if the user can not access the Data protection Customer Center. Read more here!

Data protection Login either via app or browser

The Data protection Login is by entering the phone number and own simyo that password either via the Data protection app download or the Web browser via the My Data protection Login. In this way, not only all contract data can be called comfortable, but also book flat rates and packages to recharge their own accounts and edit settings for their own account.

Data protection LoginSimyo login can also be made via the Data protection app. Source: Data protection

Also called Telefónica brand simyo customers access remains

On simyo login has not changed after the merger with Telefónica Germany as of June 30, 2015. The merger of Telefónica Germany and E-Plus Group, which also includes simyo heard thus contracts, Login, tariffs and services are maintained and the My Data protection area can still be used.

Thus a new simyo online password can be forgiven!

Who goes to the personal service area My simyo to query functions, settings and data for its own account and edit the required number Data protection Data protection and password. The former is likely to be known to every customer, but the password can be forgotten ever. When ordering a simyo SIM card online password has been assigned. If you have not changed this yourself, it is still valid and it can therefore be viewed in the order confirmation. If the customer has, however, assign a new password or does not find the order confirmation, he clicks on the button Forgot your password? and indicates his simyo call or contract number and its own zip code.

Data protection Login PasswordA new Data protection password can be assigned.

After that, one more click on password via e-mail and the correct answer to a security question and already is an e-mail with an encrypted link in your own mailbox. Who clicks on this link. can assign a new simyo online password for logging in the personal service sector.

Data protection Customer use for problems of any kind

Those who still fails the login Data protection, Data protection uses the customer service to get help with problems of all kinds and to get a full access to maps, contracts, balances and bills. Data protection on the contact side of the customer selects this one of the suggested topics or searches for the answer to which he would like to get in touch via the Data protection service.

Data protection Customer LoginThe Data protection service site provides valuable assistance with problems.