With little effort you can online storage provider uninstall dropbox. Find out now how it works!

The service provider Dropbox is a so-called file hosting service that allows each user who logs in to Dropbox to upload data. Here you can download the client for Dropbox for free. This data can be shared with others, or can be accessed online from other devices at any time, as they are - after the data is uploaded - reside on a cloud server. It is therefore possible to uninstall Dropbox without the shared files are deleted online on the online server.

possible with a few clicks: uninstall Dropbox

If Dropbox is uninstalled, it is possible to use the service as a pure online storage or to use the service only to another computer. How easy it is to uninstall Dropbox, this short tutorial.

The requirements for Dropbox

Before Dropbox can be uninstalled, it must be installed first. The software can be installed on the operating systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Of advantage here are the latest versions, such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.4+ or Ubuntu 10.04+. An additional 512 MB of RAM and sufficient free disk space (corresponding to the amount of data that is to be paged by means of the drop box) is required. Additionally, Dropbox can also use on the website or on mobile devices.

uninstall dropbox

Clear dropbox

  1. In Windows, the Dropbox icon located on the taskbar. This must be clicked with the right mouse button and then "settings" to be chosen.

  2. In the category "account" is now "Unlink this computer" selected. Then no data is out of sync from this computer. From the control panel, the client can then be uninstalled.

  3. Mac users must exit the software Dropbox first. Must then navigate to the list of programs and the icon of the Dropbox clicked with the right mouse button. the user can now select "To the Trash" choose. The client of Dropbox is then deleted and synchronized no more files.