Who wants to get rid of annoying pre-installed apps on their Android device, get with the free Debloater download The right tool at hand. After a few preparations you can block all annoying apps on the PC or remove.

Debloater Download: the answer to annoying Android Apps

Android, the mobile operating system from Google is used on various smartphone models from different manufacturers. In addition to Samsung, it is for example on LG smartphones, HTC and more recently Huawei. Now every manufacturer equips its devices with very different applications - some of their own home - from which often can not be easily removed. Because the unit is as it were bloated with unnecessary software is called these apps as bloatware.

Debloater download

The developer Gates Junior has released a software that announces exactly these applications the fight. Users can apps that do not need them, from which they are annoyed and so far could not be removed, block or delete. The whole thing is done from a PC and works on Android devices with KitKat 4.4 even without root access.

Conditions for deleting the apps

Thus the Debloater download can do his work, users must first take a few precautions. So it is first necessary that the user has enabled on his smartphone developers options. This can be implemented in the system information by repeatedly tapping the build number. Then, the USB debugging mode is activated. Drivers may still have to be retrofitted with matching ADB. active in USB debugging mode device can now be connected to the PC.

remove or block apps with Debloater

The Debloater can be used in two ways with annoying Android apps. Who has the root privileges of its smartphones, delete apps fully use the software. Users do not have root access to their Android device, the apps can at least make "invisible". From version KitKat4.4. can at least block without these privileges bloatware. That is, the tool hiding the apps and their icons and prevents them from working in the background. However, they are still present and also take up the appropriate space.

Simple operability of bloatware-Bekämpfers

Is the smartphone connected, via the Debloater all apps that reside on the device display. The user now places a check mark, which he wants to get rid for those applications. He then clicks Apply, and already the apps are either blocked or when root privileges available, completely erased. Using the filter function, users can also search for specific applications. With Unblock All packages modifications to the device can also be reversed.