Diabetes Diary 2023

Diabetes Diary

With the free Diabetes Diary monitor patients their blood sugar levels in a concise Excel workbook. The freeware takes measurements in a database and calculated based on the scores plots from weekly or annual statements.

Diabetes Software Download for the management of blood glucose levels

The diabetes diary provides an Excel workbook leaves 53 weeks to enter and manage their own blood glucose levels, and insulin doses BE ready and supports patients with metabolic disorders in the daily calculations with various mathematical functions. Especially the freeware appeals to diabetics, which the "Intensified Conventional therapy" (ICT) to carry out. Auxiliary computer access in the conversion of carbohydrates in BE and calories in joules under the arms. In addition, the diabetes diary download contains an insulin dose calculator and a calculator for a targeted increase in blood sugar.

Diabetes Software Download

Several versions of the diabetes diary with and without pressure macros

The Excel files are compatible with Microsoft Excel Version 2007 and can be used with all spreadsheets that support this format. There are after Diabetes Software Download following different versions ** available:

  • Diabetestagebuch_math_1.1.xlsx: Diary without pressure macro
  • Diabetestagebuch_math_1.1.xlsm: Diary with compressed macro to quickly be printed weeklies
  • Diabetestagebuch_exempel.xlsx: Demo version to try out the functions and to experiment
  • Diabetestagebuch_pur.xlsx: Simple version for detecting the values ​​and insulin doses without mathematical functions
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Interesting statistics with annual reports and graphs

individual areas of diabetes diary using the navigation menu itself can be controlled quickly and easily. The user can also have a Select index of weekly papers, in which he his blood sugar values ​​to be taken BE’s, insulin and insulin correction doses recorded and managed. Here there is also access to other areas of the diary as the guidance, the settings page, Web links and information about diabetes and the field of statistics with annual reports and graphs.

Diabetes Software Download evaluations

The diabetes diary contains four useful calculator

On each weekly diabetes diary is one himself Notification area with all relevant diabetes data base of the user. In addition, several areas for global and local notes are available on the weeklies. Global notes are displayed on all weeklies, local notes only on the currently displayed weekly. Furthermore, the freeware brings with mathematical functions for everyday calculations. The four auxiliary computer (BE calculator, calorie calculator, high blood glucose, insulin bolus calculator) take the patient off the annoying everyday calculation. They also reduce the risk that the user charge and thus might harm his health.

Diabetes Software Download

More valuable helper for diabetes patients The free diabetes diary are integrated with statistics and graphics a good overview of the development of blood glucose levels. On the diary pages diabetes patients acquire quite comfortable their own data to blood glucose, BE and insulin doses.