The Web browser based on Chromium Aviator and places special emphasis on optimal security settings. According to the manufacturer WhiteHat Security is the "safest browser in the world", Aviator supports all Chrome addons and starts by default in Incognito mode. This privacy mode, the browser holds neither the browsing history nor browser cache and cookies of the current Internet session fixed permanently. Each time the user can switch on the settings icon in the unsecured mode and allow storage of data. Commercials switched Aviator amazingly effective, and blocks tracking tests automatically. Click to play is enabled. The execution of plug-ins must therefore be specifically approved for safety by mouse click. Aviator waived in the standard search on Google and instead uses DuckDuckGo for searching the Internet. Again, the manufacturer justifies this by safety concerns. Those who want to achieve optimum data protection and privacy on the Internet, is well served by the free web browser. Aviator combines a high level of security with the proven performance of Google Chrome.