Injustice 2 Characters: Villains & Heroes Overview

The Injustice 2 Characters Overview. Here you learn that superheroes and villains it in the continuation of Injustice: Gods Among Us've done and who reports from the beyond!

Not only in the action-rich multiplayer, but also on smartphone or tablet, and after downloading the Injustice 2 app you can take on the role of the DC heroes.

Injustice 2 CharactersWhat Injustice 2 Characters will appear un game? (Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Netherrealm Studios)

The entire DC Universe: All Injustice 2 Characters

In unprecedented extent there are almost all the characters, has to offer the universe of DC. Among these are in addition to the familiar characters and new villains as Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd or Deadshot. Here are all - old and new - Injustice 2 Characters in alphabetical overview:

  • Aquaman (new)
  • Atrocitus
  • Bane
  • Batman
  • Black Adam
  • Black Canary (new)
  • Blue Beetle (new)
  • Brainiac (new)
  • Captain Cold (new)
  • Catwoman
  • Cheetah (new)
  • Cyborg
  • Darkseid (new)
  • Deadshot (new)
  • Doctor Fate (new)
  • Firestorm (new)
  • Flash
  • Gorilla Grodd (new)
  • Green Arrow
  • Green Lantern
  • Harley Quinn
  • joker
  • Poison Ivy (new)
  • Red Hood (new)
  • Robin / Nightwing (new)
  • Scarecrow (new)
  • Starfire (new)
  • Sub-Zero (new)
  • Supergirl (new)
  • Superman
  • Swamp Thing (new)
  • Wonder Woman

Injustice 2 Characters OverviewAll Injustice 2 Characters at a glance! (Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Netherrealm Studios)

Premier Characters and how to access them

So most of the Injustice 2 Characters are included in the game, but there are also Premier characters that need to be unlocked or -gekauft. Seven of these figures are included in the various special editions:

  • Flash: Are there 6,000 crystals or from time to time as a reward for playing in different modes.
  • Green Lantern: Is included in the Ultimate Edition or acquire for 6000 crystals.
  • Grid (New): Not yet known.
  • Mr. Freeze (new): Are there 6,000 crystals or from time to time as a reward for playing in different modes.
  • to acquire in the Digital Deluxe Edition or 6000 crystals: Power Girls (new).
  • Reverse-Flash (New): The Ultimate Edition contain or acquire for 6000 crystals.
  • Vixen (new): Costs Players 6,000 source crystals.

Every fight you defined

Under this slogan, the game is promoted and the slogan says it all. For all Injustice 2 Characters are customizable and can be improved. A huge selection of equipment and personalization characterizes the superhero the personal stamp of the players and also ensures the necessary clout in a duel with the other DC characters. With every fight, players can earn new items, customize their characters - and to fight not only in appearance but also in style. In this sense: In the battle, and makes the most out of your heroes and villains!