ALDI TALK solve problems and relaxed phone calls

ALDI TALK problems Fix: There is an overview of the causes of the most common disorders and the ways in which to just leave them again vanish into thin air!

Normally, most of the offers and services by downloading the ALDI TALK app can be used directly on the smartphone. But here it may from time to cause interference. Troubleshooting in charge of credit or the management of the user account there at the end of the article.

ALDI TALK solve problems: Diagnosis

The first step in diagnosing the problem: If it is a disorder that is offered, you can check the on this page. In addition to an overview of where a problem occurs, the service also provides information about services in which the provider has problems - for example in the mobile Internet or network coverage in general. There are numerous reports and items here actually helps only wait until the problem is resolved.

ALDI TALK problemsCentral ALDI TALK problems angezeitgt on allestö (Picture: allestörungen de)

No information is available, you can try these steps to resolve the ALDI TALK problems.

These tips will help with most problems with the phone

If the problem does not lie with the seller, but no connection can be established to the telephone network or the Internet, you should perform these steps in sequence:

  • Check that the flight mode is activated
  • Check that the mobile data is activated
  • If necessary, check the wireless network settings or restart the router
  • restart the device
  • Remove the SIM card, carefully clean and reinsert

one can not aim with these steps, can be found on the website of E-Plus other possible solutions. Simply select the appropriate subject and the related problem description and try the proposal indicated.

ALDI TALK problems E-PlusALDI TALK part of E-Plus and Telefonica Germany. The website further find solutions. (Fig. E-Plus)

The last hope is customer service

If the ALDI TALK problems persist, only the way to customer service remains. If a telephone connection is possible, it can be called free of charge from the ALDI TALK network out under number 1155th From all other networks the paid service number must 0177-177 1157 (the price per call corresponds to the usual connection costs in the E-Plus network) are called.

Problems with the client account

Occasionally, also difficulties with charging a credit or amendment of personal data on the site or within the ALDI TALK app. Here you can first try to contact between the different options to change: So if the online portal does not work, install the app or call the toll-free service hotline at the 1155th Normally works at least one of the three ways to manage his account. If not, there is a central fault and in this case, unfortunately, helps only wait.