With the ChanSort download saves you the tedious sorting station lists with the remote control. It is in ChanSort to a free channel list editor for Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and LG televisions. The software even creates a reference file with which all devices can fix bring in the same program sorting.

Create Cross-manufacturer program lists ChanSort Download

Does this sound familiar: After automatic tuning, there are plenty of new stations, but no favorite stations is in its proper place? Usually here the arduous station sorting starts by remote control. Even with Smart TV devices of the new generation, this step often can not be avoided.

Channel list editor for Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and LG TVs

The freeware supports a variety of television sets from different manufacturers. Owners of Samsung devices of the series B, C, D, E and F, LG televisions series CS, DM, LA, LB, LD, LE, LH, LK, LM, LN, LS, LT, LV, LW , LX, PH, PM, PN and PT equipment of the Toshiba brand, which support the list formats .zip / chmgt.db and televisions from Panasonic with transmit lists in svl.db or svl.bin format can look across the Channel list Editor looking forward. Is home TV sets not supported models here, the right Freeware can be found among the programs for leisure and hobby. After free download and easy installation, it is the transmitter chaos to the collar. The tool presents a simple and German user interface. For channel names, however, signs of common Unicode encodings, such as Cyrillic, Greek and Latin are available.

Simply set the correct time slots with ChanSort

The best way to advance start a station search, so is the amount of available television programs up to date. To edit the program map a station list file is exported from the TV to a USB storage device. This list is then opened in the program. In the right program window all available channels appear, is located in the left program window, the view of the newly sorted list. For a better overview, various filters can be applied. From here on, the software has a very intuitive handling. Channels can be renamed, added or deleted. The time slot allocation works by direct numerical input, offset with arrow keys or drag & Drop. It is also possible to edit multiple channels simultaneously, or remove.

ChanSort downloadeasily sort with the ChanSort download channel lists for TV on PC

Sort favorite lists of programs for leisure and hobby

In addition, multiple channel lists for normal program assignment can be created in the freeware. So contains a list of favorites, for example, leisure and hobby, while another news channel bundles. Individual channels can be hidden or provided with a child lock. If you have sorted the programs to the full satisfaction and edited the final station list is again stored on the USB disk and imported into the TV. Before closing the program, it is recommended to save the file as a reference list from the computer. So the settings can be restored after a rescan or transferred to other devices. Since the latest update is also the option to print the list as a reminder.

ChanSort Download Channel overviewThanks to the freeware manually moving transmitters by means of remote control is omitted.

Who calls his own a television the new generation of Samsung, LG, Toshiba and Panasonic, for the Download ChanSort worth. Thanks to the freeware that tedious manual shifting of transmitters by means of remote control is omitted. In addition, a list of references allows the recovery and transfer of favorite program availability on other devices.