OLMixedFolders used to adjust the folder structure and its contents under Outlook with mobile devices such as Pocket PCs or smartphones. In this task the add refers not only the default directories of the mail program with one, but also user-created mailboxes. However OLMixedFolders excluded at the request of, for example, private content from synchronization. For a better overview the shareware matched data provides a clue. This feature makes it easier to identify these messages on the mobile device significantly. Conveniently, OLMixedFolders performs data synchronization in both directions, ie both from PC to mobile and vice versa. In this way, keep all those who are often away from the office on the road, their Outlook data up-to-date. Lately OLMixedFolders refers incidentally also Live Calendar and iCloud folders in his actions.

Limitations of OLMixedFolders

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