Of the Brain download helps to keep the little gray cells in motion. By combining different learning strategies human thinking center should be stimulated and motivated again to peak performance.

Brain Download with workouts for logic, memory & concentration

to judge the scientific basis, our editorial staff is not permitted. but we can say that brain training makes you feel good and stimulates thinking considerably. With concentration exercises, logic and memory training tasks, the brain training a whole lot more useful helpers in matters Brain Train (ing) to the side.

Brain downloadBrain Download: rainiert the main functions of the brain

Tests in different difficulty levels

After entering your personal information, such as education, age, etc., you can choose from a whole series of interesting tests at various levels of difficulty. This is not just about the mere retrieval of knowledge, but also to optical skills, responsiveness, and much more. After completing an exercise you get a result incl. A classification of personal income compared to the average and the top 25%.