Dzango app 2023

Dzango app

With the Dzango app there are free movies for real men. In the categories of Action, Horror, Thriller, Western and science fiction, there are free the toughest marks. Not quite family safe and only for hard-core flavors.

Free and mobile streaming with Dzango app

Dzango has become quite specialized in the movie tastes of men. The best movies out there for free in Stram were gathered on Dzango. The portal, which is also available as website and YouTube Chanel has released a mobile application with the app now also provides brimming with testosterone movies mobile to stream. Free and funded by (tolerable) commercials, the hardest strips of film history can also be downloaded for a month and be viewed without an internet connection offline. As for the legality of the app can seem questionable. But more on that later. The application to the located is very clear. By category can be quickly the desired strip search and a free text field allows you to search for specific titles or director. Unfortunately, the selection is mobile significantly lower than, for example via YouTube channel. Nevertheless, can be found some pearl of violence and sex on the smartphone.

Dzango appWith the Dzango app is bloody.

Youth release of the application

Dzango specializes in film productions that have no youth release by the USK due to their uniquely violent, sexually explicit or drug glorifying contents and only after 16 or 18 years in accordance with § 14 JuSchG should be considered. A corollary is that the minimum age to download this program is 17 years old – were being safe here 18 years have been more appropriate.

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Is streaming movies over Dzango legal?

Since the Dzango provides app movies that can also be found on YouTube, users can start from a legal offer initially. We have all heard the encouraging message that pops up every now and then while browsing YouTube: This video is not available in your country. So the Google subsidiary itself ensures that everything happens on their channel with right things and dubious contents are sorted out directly. But now it is so that only content will be streamed on YouTube and will not create a copy (like a download). The Dzango app, however, allows the download of the films in order to be able to watch without an Internet connection offline. There is at least legally borderline. Although streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon Prime video offer similar functions, but against a monthly mite. To what extent Dzango here actually waiting the rights of authors, can not currently be estimated.