Versatile editor for Flash animations for free

Versatile editor for Flash animations for freeSWF Quicker grabs an editor for Flash in SWF format on the PC. With the editor allows users to create professional Flash animations from scratch or edit existing SWF files. SWF Quicker processed numerous flash standards such as ActionScript 3.0 and Flash Lite versions 2.0 to 3.0. For engaging animations to various media formats such as MP3, AVI, MPEG, MOV or AI can be imported for projects. The editor provides versatile tools: For example, users can rely on photo-morphing effects, vector graphics and text templates for creating your own animations. Finished projects the software exported to Flash CS3, CS4 or ActionScript. Alternatively, the editor saves files from the Flash Lite format. With SWF Quicker Flash developers get a powerful, yet relatively easy to use editor for Flash projects. Thanks to the built-in "Snapping" function for reading and processing of already created animations, developers can be inspired by other works. swf_quicker_3swf_quicker_2