With ratDVD you compress movies for playback on DVD players. The freeware also takes any soundtrack and subtitles on the DVD. At the end of the film friend will receive a full cinematic experience despite smaller file size. For the start you need a conventional DVD9 that ratDVD further processed. In general, the loss of quality in the compression can be described as marginal. For this, most DVD players play from a Rat-DVD without any problems, in addition, the extras are not lost. If desired, the film expert will automatically search on IMDB by title, actors and other movie data. RatDVD processes the following image formats: 16: 9, Pan / Scan, Widescreen and Letterbox. Although ratDVD in terms of space are stingy, but the features are a "Rat DVD" anything but minimalist. Each DVD Extra can be applied to a movie disc with. You have full control over which entrains treats such as extra language or director commentary of DVD compressor.

Limitations of RatDVD

Requires DirectX 9 and Windows Media Player compatible player software.