Clash of Clans Account sale: Is that possible? 2023

Clash of Clans Account sale: Is that possible?

Who has enough of barbarians and wizards, can his Clash of Clans Sell Account. The demand is great – but you should consider a few important things! read here what!

The Supercell game CoC enjoys great popularity for quite some time. But not everyone wants to start for Android or iOS from scratch after the download of Clash of Clans. For this reason, already crowding the network facility to CoC accounts.

May one his Clash of Clans Account sell?

So far, the legal situation and whether the sale of a breach of the terms exists, not entirely clear. The user goes to any event in a gray area – therefore the procedure at your own risk. In other games it has happened time and again that accounts were locked when it was found that these were offered for sale. So far that does not seem to be the case for Clash of Clans – but no one knows if that remains the case.

Clash of Clans Sell AccountClash of Clans Account sale – while to pay attention to some

What you have to consider when selling?

First of all, it is not recommended, its existing account easy to sell that way. Why? The account is either a Gamecenter-, Google account or tied to the Apple ID. At Google Account email address and access depend, for example, while Google+ and other services. Who passes the account, there is the same on other sensitive data.

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Therefore, we advise the best move a whole new the score previously to another account. Here you can learn how to transfer the Clash of Clans Account.

Payment on the sale of the chain of custody accounts

Who wants his Clash of Clans Account sell also want to see a few euros at the end of course. Therefore, it is very clever, before rausr├╝ckt the account to ask for money or at least a part of the sum. On the web are just too many scammers on the road who want to pull one over the table. So you should play it safe. If you sell to friends, the case is of course a bit different.
What price users may request for their account, of course, is highly dependent on the Score. The best way is based on the other offers with comparable game progress.

Where can sell the account?

To the Clash of Clans Account sell, you should look a little closer at the choice of platform. On eBay, for example, in violation of the sale of the rules, even if there such offers can be found.

At the most straightforward and safe, of course, if you sold the account to friends. Therefore quietly ask around times on Facebook, WhatsApp and Co., if anyone is interested.

Who does not find a friend, can be connected on the following platforms existing services. But as I said, at your own risk:

  • Quoka
  • DHD24
  • Kalaydo

Note: Players should ensure that they disclose personal information, User Names or detailed information – not in the description nor in the screenshots. Thus, you prevent developers from getting wind and possibly still lock a.

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