Adobe muse

With Adobe Muse the top dogs bring in terms of graphics and design a Web page editor to the computer. The design assistants aimed mainly at users who do not have to little knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3.

Adobe Muse Download: design and creation of websites

Putting together their own websites runs in Adobe Muse in four steps Planning, Design, Preview and publication. In the first operation, it determines the structure of the site with one click. As the basis so-called Master Pages that practically serve as a design basis for the individual pages which serve here. The masters and the pages based on it one has in the second step, the visual appearance and adds a content such as images or texts. The preview always provides an insight into the appearance and functionality of the website created. Finished pages published via Adobe Muse Adobe Business Catalyst. For this purpose, an account with the hosting platform is required.

Adobe Muse is based on Adobe Air and assumes its installation. Visually, the editor of the structure of the Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator classics inspired by what facilitates handling, one is familiar with these programs. Adobe Muse ensures a simple design and creation of web pages. HTML skills are not required. Wizards guide the user to the helpful way through the creation of its Web domicile.

Limitations of Adobe Muse

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