Change WhatsApp Style: Brisk look for iOS & Android

Change WhatsApp Style: Brisk look for iOS & Android

Users her Change WhatsApp Design want because they have seen enough of the dreary look, quickly reach their limits. How to still get some momentum in the client, we show here!

For months or years you looked while chatting on a design, which lacked modern, attractive and above all individuality. Now, finally, the selling of Facebook Messenger has revamped its look and switched to material design. With whom the update is still not rolled out the latest version of WhatsApp can download for Android here. Now, although everyone has a new design – but individual adjustment possibilities remain back on track.

Change WhatsApp DesignChange WhatsApp Style: Brisk look for iOS & Android. (Picture: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

Change WhatsApp Style: short-term solutions

It seems that the layout is the Achilles heel of the popular Messengers. Where others Adjustments to deliver colors, shapes, backgrounds, etc., a gaping void at WhatsApp, at least almost. Whether old or new material design – WhatsApp not just offers its users many options for visual changes ready.

get rid of material design in WhatsApp

Who are the users, which the new MD does not suit you, which can – at least temporarily – return to the old style. The Google Play store older versions can not be found, but on many other portals. There, the APK is offered, will be downloaded and then manually pulling on the smartphone. Before you uninstall the current version, you should make a backup of his chats, so they can be able to restore them.
With this method, you can temporarily change the WhatsApp design though, is but can not chat long. For security reasons WhatsApp is very keen to ensure that all users are up to date and calls sooner or later to update.

use unofficial WhatsApp variants

By the turn of the year, it was easy for users to use unofficial clones as WhatsApp Plus or WhatsAppMD or WhatsApp Plus material. These provide countless customization options regarding colors and backgrounds. However, the changes to these messengers is not necessarily recommended. WhatsApp goes for some time hard against the developers before and also sets the first signals toward users. Who uses a WhatsApp variant, runs the risk of being locked 24 hours or even several days minimum.

Design adjustments WhatsApp

If you prefer to have long-term fun chat, so it must be with the possibilities satisfied that provides WhatsApp. That’s not much, but something. So users can not change the entire WhatsApp design, but at least the background image of their chats. How this works is shown by the following instructions:

(1) First, the user opens the menu over the three vertically stacked squares. He selects the settings. In the next screen clicking on the chat settings.

Change WhatsApp design background(Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

(2) In the chat settings there are relatively centered option background. By clicking a small window opens that provides various sources to choose the user. So you can use or from your own music as a background but from the WhatsApp Wallpaper package for a picture. In addition, the user can select the standard version or completely waive an image.

(3) A decision on the album on your own phone, there may be an image selected and the cut to be determined. With Save the image is activated.

WhatsApp Design Change Insert Image(Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

(4) Those who opt for the wallpaper, you can download a colorful selection of background images. The selection ranges of materials and natural images to abstract drawings.

This adjustment can be implemented for both Android and iOS. One can only hope that the user will receive soon more options at hand to change his WhatsApp design and be able to adapt personal wishes.