MAGIX Music Studio

Of the MAGIX Music Studio Download provides an introduction to the world of music production. The audio and MIDI sequencer offers 64 tracks a proper production environment with audio recording, instruments, effects, mastering, surround mix and more.

MAGIX Music Studio download for newcomers to the world of music

MAGIX Music Studio placed exactly between the loop-based MAGIX Music Maker and the semi-professional Samplitude Music Studio. Work Here music lovers with both audio files and personal audio recordings, as well as with MIDI tracks and add one per track two effects. So if that's moving audio snippets too little, but a full production studio is too expensive, which should be well advised here. The program interface is professionally designed and fully configurable. 64 audio and MIDI tracks offer enough space to create your own songs from scratch and enable the production of ready-ready tunes, including mastering and upload to SoundCloud, Facebook, and YouTube.

MAGIX Music Studio DownloadComfortable studio for music production. Image: Magix

All functions are beginner-friendly design, which, although sometimes can be one or the other switch miss professionals, for beginners but is simply ideal. Compared to the large variation Samplitude Music Studio the number of tracks is limited, there are no group tracks (submixes) are available, the number of plug-ins as well as recording and output traces is limited, as is the selection of effects and virtual instruments. Here, however, producers can help out with free VST plugin Free VST plugins. Newcomers to the world of "making music" find a competent partner for the first steps in MAGIX Music Studio. For most initial productions of functions should be enough füglichst. Anyone who is unsure, does best with the demo version own picture of functions, or testing the same plane as the Samplitude Music Studio.

MAGIX Music Studio Download music production

Limitations of MAGIX Music Studio

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