Of the MediaElch download Film is friends help you manage the Movies- and serial collection. Movies, series, concerts and music can be added in an uncomplicated way and edit it.

MediaElch Download filmmakers facilitates the management of the film collection

Manage cineastes with the MediaElch their collection of movies, series and concerts. Files can be imported with the sophisticated freeware and are automatically named. The information is loaded from the online movie databases DB The Movie, The TV DB, IMDB, Cinefacts, Video Buster and OFDb. Logos, Clear Arts and other graphics accepts MediaElch of So-called adult scrapers are in the current version also available: AEBN, HotMovies and Adult DVD Empire are supported, but must be manually activated in the settings.

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Annoying typing spared by access to online databases

All important information about the films, so for example, movie titles, cinema posters, scenes from the movies, information about actors, producers and directors as well as to the genre, the intelligent tool simply snapped from one of the film databases, so that the user himself tedious with the MediaElch download typing spared in managing own movie collection. If there are to the movies trailer, the freeware links them. Directly from within the program, the video clips can be viewed at any time. Of course MediaElch also takes a short movie description that can be extended anytime by the user manually by hand and add comments.

Compatible with Kodi and other media centers

Unfortunately, a proper guidance is missing, but the operation of the movie database is not too difficult. Movies and series can be quickly and easily find and sort and filter all entries to the desired criteria. If desired, the film fan appears already seen films or sorted by date, so that the latest blockbusters are at the top of the list. Particularly useful is working with Kodi, formerly known as Xbox Media Center (XBMC) is known. nfo files generated MediaElch with which Kodi easily copes. Various configuration options to support other media center are available.

Import of new movies, episodes and concerts

New content can be imported directly into your own collection. For this in the settings specifies the directories in which new content to movies, series, music, concerts or downloads are stored. MediaElch can unpack this content, import it into the collection and scrape directly. In series it must act by episodes in subdirectories with the name of the series. Music must be organized in folders with artists and albums.

MediaElch download settings

MediaElch with extensive adjustment options

Useful is the display of missing episodes of a series. By right-clicking on the respective series, this function can be activated. Numerous fine adjustments are available. Among other things, the user can decide whether images of the actors will be automatically downloaded and which of the databases to be used in the starting area. Who more tools for movies & Manage DVD for free download, will find them in our well-stocked software offering.

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